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The world’s best technology available for your home!

aquama® Freedom® Pure combines the powerful disinfection of aquama® with exceptional detergency according to the type of salt that you use.

Water, salt and electricity. 100% detergent, 100% disinfectant and 100% biodegradable!

aquama® has obtained standard EN14476 which measures the effectiveness of products for encapsulated and non-encapsulated viruses such as coronaviruses, standard EN / CH / BS14476 Virucide (*) at 1,000 ppm under clean conditions. There is currently a ban on isolating the COVID-19 strain for testing.

(* Poliovirus, Murine Norovirus, Adenovirus / In dirty conditions 2'000ppm 5x activations)

Discover the unique manufacturing method on the YouTube channel « aquama Solutions ».

Follow the instructions on the attachment named 'Procedure' to create your virucidal disinfectant! 

aquama® Pure is effective in the:

- Kitchen (refrigerator, sink, stove, dishwasher, etc.)
- Bathroom (bathtub, shower, sink, toilet, laundry, etc.)
- Living room and bedrooms (bedspreads, pillows, etc.)
- Office (keypad, mouse, telephone, etc.)
- Kids’ rooms (toys, school supplies, furniture, etc.)
- And even fruits and vegetables (rinse off)

Actively antibacterial, aquama® kills bacillus, salmonella, pneumonia, legionella, etc., and is federally recognized in Switzerland through the authorization of the Federal Office of Public Health.

Become the source of your own cleaning and disinfecting solutions

Product Details

Data sheet

1. The Freedom® Pure device
2. A spray
3. A 100 g jar of aquama® salt
4. A professional-grade aquama® microfiber cloth
5. The base for the aquama® device
6. A 100-240~50/60Hz 0.8A, 9V 3000mA adapter
7. A blue mixing spoon | A white measuring spoon
8. A manual
1. Using only water, salt and electricity. 100% detergent, 100% disinfectant and 100% biodegradable!
2. The packaging is made of cardboard and may be recycled.
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