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Coming from a hotel management background, I’ve always liked good things life had to offer. I worked in some of the greatest Swiss palaces but also in small local restaurants and hotels where I had to learn to be polyvalent in a variety of professional fields.

Always eager to learn and improve myself, I then specialized in hotel recruitment within a multinational company and was in charge of a department.

In 2006, my son was born, and everything changed. Despite a good job situation, I started looking for ways to change my son’s life. First, I changed my car, buying the first truly hybrid vehicle, modestly trying step by step to improve my consumption habits without becoming radical in my lifestyle choices.

I realized that I had always asked others to become better. However, I quickly understood that sustainability has to start with myself and that I had to become a player in the process.

Responsible Consumption

My purchasing power could change things and give the industry the long-lasting path I wanted to follow. I realized we must all together start a new way of consuming, but also send strong signals of our desire for change through our purchases. Indeed, the car change I had previously done could apply to any type of market but also to all kinds of people. So, I decided my mission would be to, of course, help my family but also future generations, developing technologies that combine efficiency, economy and ecology.

Professors in biochemistry and biophysics, technicians, manufacturers, EPFL graduates, investors and enthusiasts: thanks to them I built a team which stands for strong ethical and human values, while having exceptional skills.

Thus, the first aquama® machine was born.

Research & development has been our focus, leaving no doubt about the possible replacement of more than 80% of the chemicals we use daily, with a 100% biodegradable solution for cleaning and disinfection. The goal was easy: allow any company or person to have access to ecological, economic and effective solutions.

Thus, aquama® was born.


I understood quite quickly that business model was the key that would allow us to change our habits. Indeed, first steps weren’t easy and of course it was hard to believe that we could replace chemicals with a solution based on slightly salted and electrified water made by a machine that everyone can have in their company or directly at home. We started by implementing solutions with renowned customers such as Geneva Airport and the Olympic Committee and then began to reduce size and price of the machines. After achieving solutions’ sales in the hospital, hotel and airline segments, we soon reached the B2C market.

In 2016, we launched on the platform the first Freedom® that revolutionized home cleaning. Manor followed a few months later. By improving their sustainability policy and their environmental goals, they enabled all families in Switzerland to start positioning themselves for a lasting change in the way we consume.

Early 2017, aquama® launched its first exclusive reseller in France, allowing the French to support us in our will for change. Freedom® was a success, as thousands of nurseries were joining the movement, changing all their habits of cleaning with aquama® solutions. Improvement for future generations had begun. B2C market showed a variant interest, inviting the business market to modify their habits, but it wasn’t enough. Each «technical» topic is an opportunity to improve.

It’s a challenge every time that aquama® team raised brilliantly. We set up a meeting at aquama® office, looked for an innovative business model that would allow everyone to share and win economically while changing our consumption principles.

aquama® Falcon R® was born.

We then decided to set up a mobile app that would allow all companies and individuals to use each aquama® machine available. Logistics were about to be drastically reduced compared to the chemical industry, making it possible to take aquama® solution where the people are.

I asked manufacturers, to remove softeners of our machines and not to use internet connection, to reduce our carbon impact, while reducing the size of the machine. Nowadays, everyone can find, use and refill aquama® solution, enjoying the best electrolysis technology worldwide and giving us all the chance to become closer to «CO2 neutral». This phenomenon includes an integrated circular economy principle which is part of aquama® DNA as well as our mobile app. Thereby, each machine sold becomes profitable, since customer becomes consumer but also producer and distributor of aquama® solution instantly (prosumerism)

The Future

I have the deep conviction that we can improve our living conditions while minimizing climate change by modifying the materials we use, their sourcing, and our business models as well.

Projects abound. All technologies related to materials, electricity, air and water will be developed. Each market segment will be subject to evolution from aquama® while respecting its roots: efficiency, economy and ecology.

Thus, I hope that we can make long lasting contribution to a better life for our children and for future generations and also for ourselves. It’s up to us to show them the way, we can’t ignore it anymore.

Modestly, I’m not sure that my life time will be enough, but thanks to God, I’m well surrounded.

Willy Lionel Pomathios


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