Revelation Pack (Hand Sanitizer)

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This virucide and hand sanitizer is ideal for testing the aquama® indigo® cleaning and disinfection solution.

aquama® has obtained the EN14476 standard (5min / 20 °) which measures the efficacy of products for encapsulated and non-encapsulated viruses such as coronaviruses, standard EN / CH / BS14476 Virucide (*) at 1'000 ppm in condition of cleanliness, thus for the hands: EN14476: 2019-10 SARS-Cov-2 (COVID19) (15sec / 20 °).

This contains the aquama® Indigo® cleaning and disinfection solution, which functions perfectly as a disinfectant and detergent on all surfaces, as well as a hand sanitiser. 100% biodegradable, it is completely harmless to you and your family.

The revelation pack consists of a spray filled with the ready-to-use aquama® Indigo® solution as well as a pink aquama® microfiber cloth.

Available refill points:

aquama® operates on a fully refillable model, cutting down on single-use plastics.

For straightforward refills, download the aquama® app on Google Play or the Apple App Store, where you can locate your nearest refill point, top up your e-wallet and tap for contactless refills at the station. Or have a look at the Refill Locator Map here. 


Unexpected ways to disinfect!
"I use aquama® on as a disinfectant on a cut when i have nothing else at home. I am so glad to have my everlasting source of bacteria and viruses killer at hand!"
Charlotte R.
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Product Details

Data sheet

337 g
600 ml
EN14476: 2019-10 SARS-Cov-2 (COVID19) (15sec / 20 °)
Shelf-life solution
3 months
Microfiber wash
Microfiber weight
350 g
Refillable, "three fingers" trigger, powerful flow, adjustable pressure
Microfiber Size
41cm X 41cm
No Estrogenic Activity
SGS Group - Test Report - No Estrogenic Activity
Download (3.26MB)
No Chloramine
SGS Group - Test Report - No Chloramine
Download (1.41MB)
No Allergens
SGS Group - Test Report - No Allergens
Download (1.23MB)
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