Refillable Hand Sanitizer Spray 100ml Empty

aquama® hand sprays can contain 100ml of ready-to-use antibacterial and virucidal solution.

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Suitable for the whole family and even for the little ones, aquama® refillable hand sanitizer spray® can be taken everywhere: in sport, in transport, at work, at school, in shops, etc.

Its small format (100 ml) is practical and ideal for always having the antibacterial and antivirucidal solution at hand.

Easy to refill, the spray is infinitely reusable. You can fill it with virucidal solution made with your Freedom S® (stable for 1 day) or from a professional self-service aquama® machine. With the aquama® indigo® solution, there is no risk of shortage. You create your own solution at home, whenever you want, depending on your use and your needs.

Thanks to its double bactericidal and virucidal action, the solution obtained with our machines limits the risks of contamination from viruses and infectious diseases. It guarantees virucidal efficacy on encapsulated and non-encapsulated viruses (standard EN14476). It is active on coronaviruses in 30 seconds, according to the EN14476 + A2 standard. Finally, it allows rapid disinfection of the hands by friction (in just 30 seconds according to the EN1500 standard).

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Product Details

Data sheet

125 g
100 ml
Dimensions (L X W X H)
2,4 cm x 1,4 cm
EN14476, EN14476 + A2, EN1500
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