Why do aquama have different colors ?

Indeed aquama have distinctive colors and they reflect the global standards in the world of hygiene.
aquama Red indicates that the solution is a disinfecting one, where aquama Blue illustrates that the solution is a detergent. As for the Indigo© this is logical creation from aquama combining the best of both worlds, detergent and disinfectant.

Do microfibers follow the same color logic as aquama® solutions ?

As for the solutions, the color coding matches that of aquama solutions, i.e., the red microfibers are used in combination with the disinfecting solution, and the blue microfibers blue with our detergent aquama Blue. For the time being, there are no Indigo microfibers since the use in detergency and disinfection should be distinct.

How are your solutions produced ?

aquama solutions are generated through a process of Hydrolysis. Where we pass a current into the water and inject salt that acts as a conductor into our reactor in order to enhance its properties in a natural way. The outcome is either a detergent, a disinfecting or combined solution. And in all cases we only generate 100% ecological.

Why are the labels printed directly on the aquama bottles ?

aquama chose to invest in quality bottles and print the elegant labels illustrating the information in a informative and transparent way. Our objective is to reduce waste and revalue qualitative materials. Doing so allows our users to reuse their bottles, which reduces significantly the impact on our environmental.

How to be sure that aquama Red is a powerful disinfectant ? 

We have opted for quality solution and official Swiss FOPH authorization to certify the efficiency of our disinfectant. Our solutions passes strict Swiss, European and Singapore Norms and have been granted by an authorization of the Office of Public Health.

How's that aquama Blue detergent solution work ?

Use some common unsaturated fat such as Olive oil on any kitchen surface, then spray a bit of aquama Blue on the oil spot, you will immediately observe how aquama Blue will segregate the molecules of fat. Don’t rinse, but simply remove the remaining liquid with aquama Blue microfiber, and the surface is spotless and free from any fat residues. aquama Blue is very powerful solution for any surface especially in the kitchen, or use to degrease surfaces (such as the grill). aquama Blue can also be used for floors and carpets as a efficient stain remover.

Where can we use aquama Red solution ?

On all surfaces that accept water, such as kitchen, bathrooms. Generally speaking, we recommend the use of aquama Red solution where is disinfection is needed.

Where can you use the solution aquama Indigo?

On all surfaces that accept water such as kitchens, bathrooms, floors, elevators, electronics. Use aquama Indigo whenever you require the power of both solutions at once, i.e., clean & disinfect simultaneously.

What is the volume of production of an aquama® unit ?

Standard production volume is currently around 50 liters per minute for a standard OTC unit. However this could be extended if needed. Contact us on consulting@aquama.ch for a personalized proposal.

Are the solutions are biodegradable ?

aquama naturally transforms water in detergent and disinfectant solutions. These are transformed back into water and oxygen according to the universal principles of cradle to cradle, nothing is lost, nothing that created, everything is transformed.

How do I buy an aquama® unit ?

Simply, contact the sales department sales@aquama.ch or buy online from our eboutique (login is required).

How many types of units are there ?

aquama has created for its clients four distinct series of units, with currently 11 different models. Each unit best serves its purpose to generate a clean or disinfect solutions. Our powerful units are built to last with a particular attention to design and compact proportions. Our latest model weighs around 50Kg and measures 80cm x 100cm.

Is there a portable machine for home ?

Of course, it was only natural for aquama to create an extension to the professional world by providing a compact unit that empowers our clients to generate their clean & disinfect solutions directly at home. aquama has even created natural scents available in our catalogue of salts for the our portable units. You can obtain a portable unit, its natural salts and much more on our https://sg.aquama.ch

Where can I purchase large quantities of aquama solutions ?

Yes, you can purchase and refill via the aquama® app. large quantities of solutions, directly with your mobile phone. Link to the app. and the map.

If I mix aquama Blue and Red, will I obtain a solution similar to aquama Indigo ?

No. When mixing both solutions, we create salt water, and will no longer have any clean or disinfect capabilities.

Where can I see aquama units ? 

What are the origins of aquama® ?
aquama® is a Swiss Cleantech, with the objective to replace the current chemical we use everyday to clean and disinfect, by a 100% biodegradable solution made from water, salt and electricity. Thanks to an application system, you can buy and distribute the solution automatically, and make money while you change the world ecologically with us.

What is the typical aquama warranty on standard units ?

We offer a minimum of three years for professional units, as part of our renowned aquama Total Customer Care (TCC). We also provide extensions up to 5 years. For portable units aquama applies legal standards of 12 months depending on your country of residence.

Where can I see aquama units ?

Our units are available in our aquama showrooms. We also offer the possibility to orchestrate professional visits with our partners such as the Geneva International Airport, the Olympic committee, or the Municipality of Renens. Contact us info@aquama.ch

Can we obtain a lease on aquama units ?

You can already purchase through our monthly renting basis program on the online boutique. We also have a solid leasing partner who could assist our future clients with their demands for large projects. We also offer competitive leasing deals, in order to facilitate access to aquama's innovation. Kindly contact us for personalized offer.

Does aquama provides custom-made solutions ?

Of course, Our units have been elaborated to cater for the majority of business sectors and we also build custom made solutions based on our reactor technology. We invite you to contact us on consulting@aquama.ch for all inquires


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