What is the aquama® concept?

Based on the circular economy, aquama® operates on a fully-refillable model, cutting down on single-use plastics and positively contributing to the global effort in reducing the carbon footprint created from producing, processing and treating harsh chemicals.

What is the aquama® Indigo® solution?

Through a hydrolysis process, aquama® electrifies water (H2O) and salt (NaCl) to create a powerful antibacterial and antiviral disinfectant solution that offers an all-in-one sustainable alternative​ to traditional chemical cleaners.

What are the different usages of the aquama® Indigo® solution?

The aquama® Indigo® solution replaces up to 90% of your traditional chemical cleaning products. It cleans and disinfects effectively all type of surfaces that support water like kitchen stoves or greasy hoods, bathrooms, floors, windows, clothing, fruits and vegetables, kids toys, medical equipment etc.

How do you know that the aquama® Indigo® solution is effective?

aquama® acts as a bactericide, sporicide, yeasticide and virucide. The solution meets the following European standards EN1276, EN1650, EN13697 and EN14476.

The predominant molecule or active agent behind the aquama® Indigo® solution is NaOCl. It is also the molecule that is validated by the NEA and WHO as active against bacteria and viruses (inclusive of the Covid-19).

Watch here our latest bactericidal test at Andaz hotel (Hyatt).

Is the solution biodegradable?

aquama® is 100% biodegradable. By producing on site, unless other chemicals, we don’t need to add any additives to our solution to make it stable over time. Made only from salt, water and electricity, our solution will degrade naturally after a period of 6 months to go back to nature. And that’s should give you ample time to get the best of it.

Is the solution safe?

The aquama® Indigo® solution is completely safe. It does not contain endocrine disruptors or allergens and does not give off any toxic fumes (no chloramines or any volatile organic compounds). In addition, it also does not put you at any risk in case of contact with eyes, skin, ingestion or inhalation.

Check here for more details.

What is aquama® range of products?

We have different type of machines adapted to your needs.

The Freedom S® produces 200 ml of cleaning and sanitizing solution. It allows individuals and small businesses to create their own cleaning solution from home/on-site. 

The Falcon R® and Hogeron® can produce large quantities of the solution for professional use. Designed for convenient usage, the machines can be operated by tapping a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) card (Hogeron®) or connected with any smartphone using the aquama® app (Falcon R®). The Falcon R® can produce up to 60 liters an hour of hand sanitizer, disinfectant and detergent solution, while the Hogeron® can produce up to 45 liters an hour.

The Falcon S® Indigo® can produce up to 3 liters of detergent and hand sanitiser solution. The machine can be connected with any smartphone using the aquama® app and fill 600 ml spray - ± 0,5 L  via the application.

How long does the aquama® Indigo® solution stay effective for?

The Freedom S® allows you to produce a stable solution for 7 days for detergence and 1 day for hand sanitiser, after which you can reactivate the solution with 1 push of the power button without adding any more salt.

The Falcon R® and Hogeron® machines produce a stable solution for up to 6 months.

What if i have an issue with the aquama® machines?

Simply create a SAV ticket here.

What is the warranty on the aquama® machines?

For the Freedom S®, unless otherwise specified in the user guide, the warranty is for 2 years. Please chek the user guide here.

For Falcon R® and Hogeron® machines, unless otherwise agreed, the warranty is for 2 years. Please check the terms & conditions here.

How to get aquama®?

To get started, customers can purchase the Revelation Pack or an aquama® Spray Indigo®  bottle online ( or offline within one of our physical stores.

To get a refill of the aquama® Indigo® solution, customers have to download the brand’s app (Google Play or Apple Store). Using the mobile app, they can locate the nearest refill point, top up their e-wallets and operate the fully automatic machines to fill up their bottles. 

The first refill is complimentary, and subsequent refills are SGD2.99 per 600ml. Check the refill locator here.

For more details about aquama® refill point, watch here the video.


What are the different usages of the aquama® Indigo® solution?

Download our tips and tricks to get to know what are the many usages of the aquama® solution.

What are some limitations to the aquama® Indigo® solution?

Diswasher & washing machine: aquama® can perfectly be used for dishwashing and washing clothes, but regarding the use of aquama® Indigo® solution in dishwashers and washing machines, as we are not able to control the dilution ratio and the temperature of the water, we cannot provide a sound and clear modus operanti and do not advise to do it.

You can however spray the solution in the dishwasher before launching it if necessary to disinfect (in addition to the tablet)/ on your clothes (white color) to remove stubborn stain, mold.

Can we wash surfaces like wooden floors?

Yes, everything that supports water supports aquama®! However, we do not recommend using it on an oiled parquet floor, due to the degreasing properties of the solution.

Can i use table salt to create the aquama® Indigo® solution?

Indigo© salt is a refined (non-food) pure salt. Table salt can contain additives like fluor or magnesium that can affect the effectiveness of the solution or the machine.

We cannot support the warranty of your aquama® machine if the aquama® salt is not used.

Is there a need to rinse the solution on the surface that you clean?

In clean condition, there is no need to rinse with aquama®. 

In dirty condition like when you need to remove a certain amount of dirt or dead particules from the surface e.g dead pesticides from fruits and veggies, burnt old spills and food debris in the oven, then you need to rinse.

Can i dilute the aquama® Indigo® solution?

To save more on solution, you might want to dilute aquama® Indigo® solution with water following the ration 1:1 for glasses, windows and floors usages.

Is there a smell to the aquama® Indigo® solution?

Depending of the concentration of the solution, the aquama® Indigo® solution can have from no smell to a slight smell of chlorine. 

Which can be explained, as chlorine in its Cl- form is present in salt (NaCl) and can be found everywhere in particular in the sea where a whole living ecosystem can thrive.

Therefore, it is naturally present in the aquama® Indigo® solution in different forms that are perfectly safe.

What is the advantage over white vinegar?

Due to its acidic pH, white vinegar can have a corrosive effect on certain porous surfaces. In addition, our solution meets European standards EN1276, EN1650, EN13697 and EN14476. Finally, unlike white vinegar, aquama® has no odor. Discover the full comparison on this blog page: here


How to create a general cleaning & handsanitizer solution?

This portable device just requires 200ml of water, 1g of Indigo® salt and one push of the power button to create a bactericide solution, effective for general cleaning. 

Just add another gram of salt and 3 more activations to create your own hand sanitizer that can kill viruses like Covid-19 within 30 seconds. 

For more details, check the user guide here.

How long does the aquama® Indigo® solution stays effective for?

The Freedom S® allows you to produce a stable solution for 7 days for detergence and 1 day for hand sanitiser, after which you can reactivate the solution with 1 push of the power button without adding any more salt.

Can I travel with the Freedom S®?

The Freedom S® is a portable device easy to carry. You can bring it wherever you go at the gym, in your car, at school etc. 

The Freedom S® is also airplane friendly. You’ll need first to empty your bottle before getting on-board. Either you can choose to create your solution in the plane after the on-boarding, or you can prepare the solution in advance and refill our aquama® handsanitizer refill spray 600ML (shop on the website here).

What if my pump spray wouldn't spray?

Unscrew and remove the cap and hold it under hot, running water while pushing on the spray trigger to remove salt crystals.If still not working, create a SAV ticket here.


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