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Chinese New Year is just around the corner that means it will be time soon to dive into those spring cleaning chores. Whether you are looking to give your home a long-awaited deep cleaning or just want to freshen up a bit, you don’t have to overload your house with chemicals to get the job done.

Try these tips to start sweeping dirt away while detoxing your home from chemicals. Your home will be just as sparkling, and your conscience will be at ease.

#1 Toss the toxins out from your oven

Instead of baking harsh chemicals into your oven when cooking the traditional Nian Giao, try this method:

1) Pre-heat your oven (no higher than 100°F) for about 10 minutes. ⁠
2️) Spray aquama® solution in the oven. ⁠
3️) Let sit for at least 15 minutes.⁠
4) Scrub with a brush as needed and wipe dry with our aquama® microfiber. Repeat if necessary. ⁠
5) For the racks, spray and scrub with aquama® solution.⁠

#2 Clean your kitchen hood in a record time

aquama® does the same job as your traditional detergent but faster and with no foam. The aquama® mirofiber at hand, It is actually so much simpler to rince off everything!

1️) Spray aquama® solution on your kitchen hood and leave for a minute or two.
2️) Wipe down the hood with aquama® microfiber cloth.

#3 Clean your fruits and vegetables

Our Freedom S is perfect for giving your fruits & veggies a quick wash after a grocery haul.

1) Simply spray the produce with aquama® solution.
2) Wait approximately 30 seconds and rinse.

#4 Scrub clean your dishes

When it comes to hand washing, or just prepping your dishes for the dishwasher by rinsing of foodstuff, grease, etc., aquama® solution is your best ally.

1) Spray with aquama® solution.
2️) Fill with warm water and let soak at least 15 minutes or overnight⁠⁠.
3️) Scrub clean!

#5 Keep your mirrors sparkling ⁠

Some of you might be skeptical that ONLY salt, water and electricity could truly be effective to clean glass, mirrors, windows and electronics... but it works! ⁠Try these and send us your testimonial.

1) Fill your spray with half aquama® solution, half water to avoid white streaks.
2️) Simply spray directly on the mirror or on a cloth and wipe dry.⁠
3️) Use aquama® microfiber cloth to wipe down.

#6 Clean your toilet

1) Flush toilet to wet.⁠
2️) Spray the entire toilet liberally with the aquama® solution.⁠
3️) Scrub the toilet bowl with a brush.⁠
4) For tough grime, spray with the aquama® solution and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Scrub clean and flush to rinse.⁠
5)  For the seat and rim, simply spray with aquama® solution and wipe clean with aquama® microfiber.


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