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In addition to this year’s Covid-19 pandemic, seasonal epidemics such as influenza or stomach flu viruses tend to wreak havoc. There is only one way to prevent from being infected: sanitizing and getting rid of superstitions. As a fact, many people think that an environment-friendly household disinfectant is not effective against seasonal viruses.

They are wrong: For a few years, we have noticed that more and more people keep asking for environment-friendly disinfectants and detergent. Especially when influenza, colds or stomach flus linger around. In fact, cleaning products we use on a daily-basis are just as harmful to us as they are to our environment. On top of this, labels do not always contain the information we need to be aware of their potential health hazards. Many products contain compounds and dyes that can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Surfaces are likely to be damaged due to abrasive effects of scrubber cleansers. How can we reduce our exposure to chemicals to protect our health? That is the reason why environment-friendly cleaning products gain in popularity. We often rely on natural grandma’s remedies: neutral flake soap, white vinegar or baking soda... Apart from the frequently unpleasant smell, they might contain some health hazards, especially when adding for example certain essential oils. Therefore, what would be the best solution? aquama® is a powerful way to clean and disinfect without putting your health at risk! Disinfectant and antiseptic at the same time, it contains no volatile compounds and is much more effective than ordinary bleaches. Thus, it is THE ideal product to protect us against seasonal viruses.

Another common superstition is that viruses and germs survive in our clothing.

True: Coats, gloves, hats... In public transport, at supermarkets, in school and many more places, our clothes will inevitably get in contact with some contaminated surfaces. As a fact, Influenza virus, responsible for the seasonal flu, will survive for more than eight hours on a single piece of clothing. Rotavirus, responsible for most stomach flus can even remain active for several weeks. Our advice is to use the aquama® Indigo© solution to disinfect your clothes, household textiles and fabrics (all except silk). Make it a habit to give a shot of aquama® spray in your wardrobe for quick and efficient sanitization.

People might think that disinfecting the kids’ room can be dangerous for them.

Wrong: Little ones will spend their time on the floor putting everything within reach into their mouth. Stomach flu can indeed be a real health hazard for them, as they might be prone to dehydration, especially in case of bronchiolitis. It is therefore essential to clean the kids’ toys and room as effectively as possible with a suitable detergent to ensure that the surfaces they touch do not contain any hazardous products. This is the case with the water, salt and electricity-made aquama® solution which is 100% biodegradable and without any health hazards at all. It eliminates viruses and bacteria in a jiffy. With aquama®, seasonal viruses are not scary anymore!

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