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The arrival of the new coronavirus has put hygiene back in the spotlight. In this context, the latest machine from aquama®, the Freedom S®, has everything to appeal to individuals and small businesses: it does not pollute and only needs water, salt and electricity to operate.

Spotlight on a future star.

Like its big sister the Freedom® Pure, the Freedom S® makes it possible to manufacture a 100% biodegradable detergent and disinfectant solution, in just a few minutes. Its advantage? It will accompany you everywhere. Compact, with its 26.4 cm high and 7 cm in diameter, it weighs only 315 grams. Chargeable via USB cable, it will produce your aquama® solution wherever you want it, whether you are in the hotel, in the office, at home, or even in the car.

For that, you don't need to equip yourself with an arsenal of dangerous substances. Salt, water and electricity are enough. The process, hydrolysis, is safe: we have known it since ancient Egypt! It consists of breaking down water (H2O) into oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H) electricity. Cl-, the resulting ruthless bacteria hunter, was isolated in 1807 by a British physicist and chemist, Sir Humphry Davy.

Today, it only takes three minutes (depending on the level of disinfection desired) to obtain a solution capable of replacing 70 to 80% of your cleaning products. It is comfortable on all terrains, whether it is disinfecting your hands, your toilets, your office or workshop, from floor to ceiling, including windows, dishes and even toys or mobile phones and this, without danger for the environment or for your loved ones. Only metals not treated against rust are at risk of corrosion.

To obtain a basic cleaning solution, simply mix a spoon of aquama® salt, add 200 ml of water (mineral or tap), pour into the spray, close the head and shake four or five times to completely dissolve the salt. Then start the machine - a blue light indicates that the process is in progress. Three minutes later, it turns off: your solution is ready to use.

The more you activate it, the more it gains in disinfection power. For a virucidal solution that neutralizes coronaviruses, just add two tablespoons of salt and activate your solution four times. 99.99% of the bacteria are then eliminated (certification by the Federal Office of Public Health). It thus overcomes a host of microorganisms, from candida albicans to Staphylococcus aureus, via escherichia, not to mention the new public enemy number one: coronaviruses.

The Freedom S® comes with a USB cable, a measuring spoon, an aquama® salt jar and instructions for use. Price: S$ 209. -


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