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Testimonial - Da Paolo Gastronomia


Ian Crawshaw

Operations Manager, Da Paolo Gastronomia, Singapore 

“The best part is that the aquama® solution is completely safe for customers and employees and it is also eco-friendly”

Gastronomia is a chain of restaurants with over 10 locations in Singapore, part of the Da Paolo Group. The aquama® Falcon R® machine has been setup in the central kitchen of Gastronomia and 5 L containers of the aquama® solution are distributed to individual restaurants periodically.

Hello, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your position and company?

I am Ian Crawshaw, Operations Manager for the Gastronomia Chain at Da Paolo Group

How did you find out about our solution and how long have you been using it for?

I joined the company recently and aquama® was already being used. We have been using the aquama® machine for a period of around 6 months now.

Where and what type of surfaces do you clean with it?

We use the solution to clean a variety of surfaces across our restaurant chains, including floors, tables, glass and windows

Why did the company choose or want an alternative to your existing cleaning products?

To be able to replace several different cleaning products with a single solution was a major factor, as was the cost saving.   Beyond that, aquama is completely safe for everyone and also the planet.

Was the transition easy for your employees?

It was challenging in the beginning as our team did not believe that a colourless, odourless liquid could be an effective cleaning agent. Employees were not using the right quantities and dilution ratios which caused subpar results. However, following a demonstration and a training refresh, our team is now comfortable and confident using aquama.

How has the aquama solution changed the cleaning processes?

We have replaced several cleaning products with just one which makes us more operationally efficient. Having our own machine helps us reduce single-use plastic, saves storage space and reduces our reliance on external suppliers.

What did you like best about the product?

The aquama solution is highly effective, yet completely eco-friendly.

Would you recommend the solution to your clients and suppliers?

Without hesitation.


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