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Testimonial - Veronique Rimboud

Interview with Véronique Rimboud, manager of the

wellness and passion beauty center in Saint Jorioz


"I spray the aquama® solution, wipe with a damp microfiber and everything is clean.

There is no need to rinse! It's great!


Hello Véronique, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your activity?

Hello, I'm Véronique Rimboud and I have been running a beauty salon for 19 years.


How did you find out about our aquama® solution?

I got to know aquama® through one of my clients. This client gives cooking lessons and uses them on a daily basis. She had given me solution sprays so that I could test it.


Why did you choose our solution?

I opted for aquama® because it is a less harmful product for the environment, which is not harmful for the us either. In terms of the cost price of the finished product, it is also more advantageous.


How long have you been using aquama®?

Since January or February 2019, therefore approximately for 10/11 months.


What surfaces do you use it on?

I use aquama® to clean my floors, accessories or work surfaces. I also use it for cleaning my glasses, I spray aquama® on my glasses, I rinse my glasses with hot water and I wipe with a soft cotton and it's nickel! For my personal use too, I use aquama® to degrease my kitchen utensils: the utensils placed on the kitchen shelves on which a lot of fat is deposited. I spray aquama®, wipe with a damp microfiber and everything is clean. There is no need to rinse it is great.


Have you noticed any changes since using aquama®?

I did not notice any particular changes, the cleaning is still done well with this product.


How did the transition from classic products to aquama® go?

Very good, I don't buy any other products anymore.


A word for aquama®? Would you recommend this solution?

Of course, I recommend the aquama® solution. I have offered it to my clients. As my client made me discover the product by giving me solution sprays, I did the same. 


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