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Battle #3 - aquama vs black soap

Battle #3: aquama® vs black soap


Old grandmother's remedy, black soap is used as a multi-purpose cleaning product. In liquid or paste form, it degreases the kitchen, the bathroom and cleans windows and tiled floors. It can also be used on laundry as a stain remover before washing or as a detergent. While its cost may seem advantageous, it does have disadvantages:



Black soap is not a disinfectant 


If it is detergent, black soap does not have disinfectant action. It does not act against bacteria, nor against viruses. Unlike the aquama® solution, which has detergent AND disinfectant properties . It can be used to disinfect baby toys or doorknobs in the event of a virus. Our solution is also used in more than 100 nurseries in France. Its bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action makes aquama® the best ally for mothers or healthcare professionals.


Result: aquama® 1 - black soap 0



Its composition is not always flawless  


There are a multitude of black soaps on the market, the composition of which varies. Some contain undesirable substances dangerous to health or the planet, such as preservatives, palm oil or dyes. It is therefore necessary to be vigilant during the purchase.

With aquama®, you are always sure to make the right choice! Our solution is designed only from water, salt and electricity. 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients, harmless to your health and the environment.


Result: aquama® 1 - black soap 0



The use of black soap is not framed 


There are no rules governing the use of black soap (dosage, dilution). How much must be used for it to be effective? How to properly dissolve the dough in water? Its use therefore remains approximate.

Also, black soap requires special precautions. In fact, avoid mixing it with products with an acid pH, at the risk of creating chemical reactions and gas evolution responsible for irritations.

Conversely, the aquama® solution does not present any risk for the user (no toxic fumes, nor risks in the event of contact with the eyes, with the skin, ingestion or inhalation.) Regarding the dosage, no problem: just fill the jug with 1L of water, add 2g of Indigo © salt and  Freedom® Pure  takes care of the rest!

Finally, its use is perfectly supervised since aquama® meets specific European standards (EN1276, EN1650, EN13697 and EN14476), which guarantee its use in public places, the medical environment (up to the patient's room) and in agro -food.


Result: aquama® 1 - black soap 0



Black soap requires rinsing


Many ignore it, but black soap fouls the soil and promotes the appearance of biofilms over use. After cleaning the surface with black soap, it is therefore necessary to rinse it, especially in the event of food contact. In addition to consuming a lot of water, this additional step is time consuming.

The aquama® solution has the advantage of being degreasing . It is very effective in removing biofilms left by chemicals on surfaces. Without rinsing, it saves water (which is also ecological) and this represents a considerable time saving opportunity. Once cleaned with aquama®, the surface is clean, disinfected and dry.


Result: aquama® 1 - black soap 0



What about Marseille soap?


These same drawbacks can apply to Marseille soap. In addition, its traditional manufacturing process is questionable, because it is anything but ecological. Indeed, large quantities of water are consumed during the washing of the paste and the discharged water is polluted by all the impurities of the soap paste. Cooking soap also consumes a considerable amount of energy.

Finally, some soap factories use palm oil (whose intensive mode of exploitation is harmful for the environment) in the composition of their Marseille soap.

aquama®, a solution based on water, salt and electricity, is a natural alternative to household chemical products. It has all the advantages of a natural product (zero risk to health or the environment), while being effective . 


Result: aquama® 4 - black soap 0

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