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Testimonial - Andaz Hotel

Testimonial - Albert O.

Materials manager, Andaz Hotel, Singapore 

“In the guest rooms we replaced 4 cleaning products with just one product - the aquama® solution. It is more efficient now!”


Hello, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your position and company?

Hello, I am Albert from Andaz Hotel and I work in Materials department which handles purchasing and sourcing for Andaz


How did you find out about our solution and how long have you been using it for?

Andaz Singapore always looks for new and better ways to do things, and it was through our partners network that we were introduced to Aquama. As a company, we are working towards zero single-use plastic and to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, and Aquama provides us with just that. We have been using the Falcon R for about 6 months now.


Where and what type of surfaces do you clean with it?

We use the machine to produce the cleaning solution for all the surfaces in all the hotel rooms, public areas and restaurants.


Why did the company choose or want an ecological alternative to your existing cleaning products?

The main reason was to reduce the environmental impact. Aquama does it very well! Since it uses only salt and water to create the solution the environment impact is very low compared to the normal products


Was the transition easy for your employees?

Yes it was easy. The machine is very easy to use. But at first the employees had some doubts because the solution is clear and water-like. But we also performed some tests and within 2 weeks of use, they got comfortable and incorporated the product into the process.


How has the aquama solution changed the cleaning processes?

The main difference is in the guest rooms where we used to use 4 different products - for the floor, for the carpets, for the windows and surfaces. Now we just use one product - Aquama! It is more efficient now. It is easy to manage and use. There are also very few chemicals now.


What did you like best about the product?

The best aspect is that the environmental impact is very low and the product is safe for our guests, associates, employees etc


Would you recommend the solution to your clients and suppliers?

Yes. The solution is a great surface cleaner. 

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