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NEA (PSG) Grant for Professional Machines


You can now apply for the NEA 'PSG' grant when you buy FALCON R or HOGERON!

The National Environmental Agency’s (NEA) ‘PSG’ has validated a grant of 70% of the cost of the aquama machines to the buyer. So, let's take a step further towards sustainability!

What is this grant?

This grant is given to “Treated Water Generator for Cleaning Purposes“ in Singapore

A unique set of equipment which produces treated water/ solution that is 100% chemical free and biodegradable. The treated water/solution must not contain any types of chloramine, no colour compounds and not produce any odours/ smell. The treated water/ solution must be safe to use for general cleaning purposes. The equipment is to be used in industrial or commercial premises. Equipment should not produce any residue and the use of the treated water should be rinse-free.

Aquama satisfies all the required criteria and you can now receive the grant for the purchase of the machines: FALCON R & HOGERON.

Value of the grant - 

For SMEs: 70% of cost of equipment

Grant cap up to $35,000 per unit

For Non-SMEs: 70% of cost of equipment

Grant cap up to $35,000 per unit


How to claim the grant after purchase?

Claims are processed within 4-6 weeks from the submission of all required information. Companies are encouraged to submit their claims after they have fully deployed, providing documents to show use of the solution for at least one month. Incomplete submissions will result in delays.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to claim your grant!

Disbursements can only be made after the claims have been approved. Disbursement of the PSG grant will be credited directly to the company’s bank  account through GIRO. The completed GIRO form must be verified by the company’s bank and submitted to ESG before the company’s claim request. For multiple claims, the GIRO form is only required during the submission of the first claim. The company will need to submit a new GIRO form if there are changes to the company’s account details.

Click here for frequently asked questions about this grant!

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