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Testimonial - Primer Group

Testimonial - John Vincent Tobias

Primer Group

"The aquama® solution is so simple, yet very effective that it leads those who hear about it the first time to become very curious."



Could you present the Primer Group in a few lines?

Primarily into the retail and distribution of premium branded consumer products in the Philippines and different countries, the Primer Group of Companies continues to bring the world closer to its customers by reimagining the way it grows its business. By expanding through digital platforms and diversifying its wide roster of brands, products, and services, it aims to be the leader in different categories such as in industrial solutions, tourism, creative services, logistics, wellness and others.


How did you find out about aquama®?

The Primer Group being known as the company who brings in new brands and products to our market, we continuously search for innovations and brands whom we could work with and share our vision and mission with.


When did you start working with aquama®?

The Primer Group has partnered with aquama® since 2020 and formally launched the products in the Philippine market in 2021. 


How do you feel about working with aquama®?

The aquama® team has been very supportive of our business. From the training and onboarding with the machines’ technicalities and features, up to the meeting with clients and pitching our products to them.


Could you share some of the reactions of your colleagues and/or the customers when they heard about aquama® solutions?

The typical initial reaction of our colleagues and customers who hear about aquama for the first time is usually filled with hesitation and doubt about the effectiveness of the product due to the fact that it only has 2 components - salt and water. However, upon explanation and demonstration of the creation of the solution, they get amazed and become interested in trying out the solution themselves.


Fun fact?

The aquama® solution is so simple, yet very effective that it leads those who hear about it the first time to become very curious. Hearing stories and feedback from those who tested it always brings a sense of fulfillment as people rave about the ease of usage, the safety, and the effectiveness.


Were you already personally involved in an ecological approach?

The Primer Group with all its subsidiaries and employees are enjoined in moving to an ecological approach as our normal business and personal practice. From partnering with vendors whose products are eco-friendly and sustainable, to being our own ambassadors of the products and best practices.


Can you share with us your favourite or your best ecological trick?

Reducing paper consumption through e-catalogues and e-business cards. Through these, we could disseminate information easier, faster, and with no carbon footprint.


In your opinion, what are the environmental challenges of tomorrow? Globally and in the Philippines?

Top environmental challenges of tomorrow would be pollution. As the economy bounces back, air pollution due to emissions of cars and factories also increased. Garbage and other wastes also increased piling up on landfills and contaminating the waters. With the continuous trend of increasing waste, pollution would increase exponentially.


Is there anything else you would like to share about Primer Group and/or aquama®?

In the Primer Group, we practice what we preach. As we promote the aquama solution to our prospective clients, we are also utilizing the solution for ourselves. The solution is used in our Offices and Facilities, in our Retail stores, and even other employees are using it in their households. Also, as our Distribution Center has obtained a Green Mark Certification, and our Office with ongoing certification, using aquama® adds a big contribution to our goal for sustainability in our facilities as well.

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