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aquamaⓇ's contribution towards Sustainable Development Goals

aquamaⓇ supports SDG in eight different ways to create a better world!

We are now living in a world where plastic and chemical wastes are damaging the planet's ecosystem. Production of chemicals are very linear following the Take - Make - Dispose traditional model which leads to harm both people and the environment.

Cleaning and disinfecting solutions are very important and necessary for everyone and everywhere. aquama®'s main goal is to disrupt the production of these solutions by offering a purely circular model to create a unique hybrid solution that is harmless to the nature and its inhabitants.

And in doing so we are acting directly or indirectly on 8 of the 17 SDGs! Here is how:

 SDG number 3   aquama® contributes directly to Good Health and Well-Being. Our solution is made up of salt, water and electricity only and at a very low concentration. That concretely means that there are no harmful substances, that it does not harm anyone or anything while being very efficient to kill viruses and bacteria to ensure safe places for people to live, work and play with kids and pets.

    aquama® contributes to Clean Water and Sanitisation. Our solution is efficient and a very effective sanitizer. aquama® Indigo® solution can sanitise any surface and material where water can be applied without polluting the water. Nowadays, cities and countries need to equip themselves with water treatment facilities to recycle water. Using aquama® at a large scale could significantly reduce the cost of these water treatment.

   aquama® machines are connected and can act as public dispensers everywhere for everyone. Anyone with the aquama® application on his/her phone can operate our machines. In doing so we contribute to Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure as well as Sustainable Cities and Communities. With prosumerism in mind, people and organizations are now empowered to provide concrete solutions for a greener planet by having their aquama® machines accessible for everyone. With our connected machines contributing to smart and more sustainable cities is at everyone's reach.

   Our production is circular and simple which contributes to Responsible Consumption and Production. We extract salt from the sea, put it in the machine and produce the solution. Later on it is only salty water that goes back into the sea without causing any damage to the water. Producing onsite creates a new way of thinking: on demand production which leads to no overstocks, no unnecessary wastes and no plastic wastes as you refill endlessly the same containers. 

   Based on the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of our solution we did in January, 2022 with Greenly, aquama® solution has a CO2 footprint 100 times less than traditional chemicals. When you use one spray of aquama® per month for a year that is a CO2 equivalent of 300 meters per car! That is a big game changer readily available for everyone to use to tackle Climate Change.

   Our way of life has been affecting the planet along with Life Below Water and Life on Land. The use of plastics and harmful solutions has been damaging the world around us. aquama® does not produce any chemical and plastic wastes that harms the life on land and life below water. It is very safe for anyone to use.

So what is next? Join us to contribute actively to the UN SDGs by starting to use aquama®

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