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Testimonial - Alexine Blanc

Interview with Alexine Blanc, optician and manager of the Regards Croisés optical store in Lyon


"The shop is impeccable, we are very satisfied!"


Hello Alexine, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your activity?

Of course ! My associates Pierre, Marine and I are independent opticians in the center of Lyon at Cordeliers. We specialize in designer glasses and we offer atypical products and exclusive collections.


How did you find out about our solution and how long have you been using it?

By Delphine Laroche (editor's note: aquama® France ambassador), who is our customer. She came to present the aquama® solution to us and we were immediately on board. We have been using it since the start of the 2018 school year.


What surfaces do you clean with?

In the shop we have large spaces with mirrors and glass shelves, which we clean with aquama®. We also use it to clean the sales tables, the marble on the outside step of the door, the sanitary facilities, the machines for eye examinations & the coffee cups for customers. Pierre, who is at our assembly workshop in the basement, also cleans the workshop with aquama®. Everything that needs to be cleaned and disinfected goes there! At the store, we have a Freedom® Pure machine  with which we make our sprays. The three of us use it, both at work and our homes as well.


Why did you choose an ecological alternative to household products?

First of all, for the healthy aspect of the solution (we no longer use harmful products) and also to reduce the number of products we use. It's a real saving of space and money !


Was the transition easy?

Yes, very ! The transition was immediate. We didn't even wait to finish the household products we had at the store.


Have you noticed any changes since using our solution?

Yes, especially on our sales tables. These are black, so fingerprints and grease marks were easily visible. In addition, the lens cleaner had spilled on one of the tables and left halos, which did not leave with our usual household products. We were able to rub but nothing worked, while with aquama®, it was gone! The shop is impeccable, we are very satisfied! In terms of cost, we have not bought any household cleaning products since the start of the school year because we only use aquama®. The salt container also lasts a long time. This therefore represents savings .


Would you recommend the solution to other professionals?

Yes completely! For professionals in our community and those from other sectors as well, such as restaurants for example. Wherever there are oily surfaces, it's the best!

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