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Testimonial - Julie Deregard

Interview with Julie, Psychologist, Sophrologist

and Reflexologist in Lyon


"Normally, I am very sensitive to bleach

but since I started using the aquama® solution, no issues at all!"


Hello Julie, can you tell us about your activity?

Hello ! I am a psychologist, sophrologist and reflexologist and I have practiced since 2012 in Lyon 1er, on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse. I also practice Chinese medicine and I offer energy treatments.


How did you find out about the aquama® solution?

I discovered the solution through Delphine Laroche (editor's note: aquama® France ambassador, exclusive distributor). I tested the solution with a loan machine at first, and I really could see its effectiveness . It is as effective as bleach or more! I also noticed that this is what works best on tiles or on traces of oil .


How long have you been using our solutions?

I have been using the aquama® solution for a year now and have had my own  Freedom® Pure machine  since March.


What types of surfaces do you clean with the aquama® solution?

Within the framework of my profession, I use specific equipment, which I clean entirely with aquama®: the massage table, the headrest, the auriculotherapy rods, etc. I also use it to clean furniture and tiles (I also put it in the tank of my floor washing robot, the equivalent of a glass) and to spray grease in the kitchen. I also use the solution to disinfect my hands.


Why did you choose to use our solution?

It was the “ zero toxicity ” aspect that attracted me the most. I like to know that the household product I use is not dangerous, especially if I use it often. I find it more reassuring. I also really like the “ do it yourself ” side of the solution, it's very practical! I love the idea of ​​constantly having something to do at home and not having to go and buy something. It is a “zero waste” solution . With the aquama® solution, cleaning is so easy and quick that it makes you want to get started! Especially when you know that you are not going to expose yourself to an irritant.


What changes since you started using the aquama® solution?

Normally, I am very sensitive to bleach (especially my eyes, sinuses and respiratory tract) and since I use aquama®, nothing! What I also liked was the smell of cleanness that the solution leaves once we have cleaned everything. It is very pleasant, we really feel that the solution has a purifying effect . The result is also visual because this product cleans very well. All the qualities of the aquama® solution make me enjoy cleaning more.


A final word on aquama®?

I would say, simply quite surprising. It's often the word that comes out when I talk about it! I would also add that the solution is really economical. The salt bottle lasts a very long time, I still have the same one from the start.


Would you recommend the solution?

Of course ! I have already recommended it to other professionals but also to patients who have young children or who are looking for easy solutions.


Julie Deregard

Psychologist | Sophrologist |

Chinese reflexology | Tui na

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