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These little ecological gestures that are good for your wallet

These little ecological gestures that are good for your wallet

In addition to replacing your household chemicals with the 100% biodegradable aquama® solutions, here is a list of small ecological actions that you can adopt in your home. You can not only help preserve the planet by reducing your environmental footprint, but also dramatically reduce your energy costs every month. Focus on these few simple gestures.


Take care of your lighting

Firstly, think about your lighting. Did you know that a halogen bulb consumes six to ten times more than an LED? Consider changing your bulbs and install LEDs instead. There are now LEDs in several shades, and even vintage models for each style of living. Turn off all the lights when you leave the room and remember to turn off and unplug your laptops, phones or other electronic items when you are not using them, as they still consume energy, even if they are not on.


Reduce your energy consumption

Whatever the season, try to stay at 24-25 ° C cooling, because each degree below this temperature costs you so much more. Similarly, for the washing machine and the dishwasher, choose the eco mode after having filled your machines well so as not to waste energy.


Recycle and sort in your homes

In the spring, consider emptying your closets, from appliances to clothing. Sort it out and remember to give away what you no longer use and recycle all your old devices, which can be replaced by their low-power equivalent.


In your kitchen

In your kitchen, install an aerator on the taps to save water by reducing the flow of your taps. To do this, complete your sanitary facilities with aerator and / or jet breaker water savers. Installed at the spout, they reduce water consumption by 30 to 70%. Also cover your saucepans during cooking so that the inside heats up faster. Use already hot tap water to reduce the heating time to the boil and thus save energy. Note that induction hobs take only 2 minutes to be fully heated, unlike electric hobs which take up to 7 minutes.


Thanks to these small everyday gestures, you will be able to live in accommodation more comfortably and considerably reduce your energy bills!

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