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Hogeron® VRB in Nursing homes


Did you know? 

“Many nursing homes and disability care centers are using aquama® machines to protect their residents and employees from Covid-19.”

The Covid-19 has disrupted all our lives. aquama® is actively working on developing new technology to help everyone fight this virus and return to normalcy. Aquama® Pacific is proud to launch the new Hogeron® VRB which can produce different levels of disinfectant to fight all viruses, bacteria and so much more.

Interestingly, in France and Switzerland, this machine has been available for a few weeks already and several Elderly care centers (Nursing homes) became the early adopters of the machine to become self-sufficient against covid-19. The elderly are particularly more vulnerable to the virus and it is important for these nursing homes to find the best cleaning solutions. It is not surprising that many homes chose aquama as it is more efficient and they will never face a shortage. They can now produce a viricide solution on-site and protect both their residents and staff. Over the last month we have seen an increase of purchases by 250% in nursing homes and by 40% in disability centers with many more in the pipeline. 

The Hogeron® not only protects the elderly residents but also the nurses and employees. In every case, as part of CSR effort, the employers are providing their employees the aquama solution for free, to use and disinfect their homes.

One nursing home in Switzerland is also helping the local community in creating a safe environment by selling the solution to other companies around. They also enjoy a 60% margin which reduces their overall cleaning costs significantly.

‘The Hogeron® VRB can produce a solution with disinfection power up to 2000 PPM and is certified by Swiss authority FOPH with EN14476 which measures the efficacy of the solution against viruses. Read more here

The first Hogeron® VRB machines will arrive in Singapore by the end of this month.
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